A Manner of Speaking


Directors: Nathan Adabadze & Cherish Oteka

Over one morning, Jay and Leah cope with the anniversary of the loss of their child in their own ways. 

[Festival circuit 2016]

Official Selection @ BFI Soul
Official Selection @ British Urban Film Festival

Visual approach: this was written to take place all one morning in the pre-dawn hour to tonally reflect the subject matter. Being in one room, the shot selection also needed to reflect the emotional undulations of the argument.

Key technical approaches:
Gel choice & light consistency - this was shot on a real location on the 4th floor so the room was blacked out and a book light with a morning blue gel used. The actors had different reflectivity of skin tone so it was important the light gave the right feeling for both. 
Arri Amira - this piece was all about faces and we liked the sensor response to black skin tones. We also wanted a quick handheld solution for the final third which this provided.